May 13, 2022

Royal Technology Mission Visits TERAKI

BERLIN, May 13, 2022. TERAKI had the honor to receive the Royal Technology Mission (RTM) as part of its 27th edition. The RTM visited firms and institutions in a one-week intense itinerary across France and Germany, organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The general purpose of the mission was to foster collaboration and promote knowledge exchange between delegates and leading organizations in technology, environment, and education.

The delegation consisted of a select number of delegates from the Swedish private, public, and academic sectors, led by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Mr. Marcus Wallenberg, Chair of IVA. During the visit, guests discovered TERAKI’s mission, its core technology, and the use cases aimed to enable the green mobility of the future through edge sensor processing and autonomous driving. TERAKI also hosted Hans Skruvfors, CEO of foodora, who shared details about their most recent project to deploy autonomous delivery robots in Sweden.

"We are stoked to receive such a high-level delegation at our offices in Berlin. To have the opportunity to share what we do with business leaders and academics from Sweden is truly unique and push forward our mission to enable genuine autonomous mobility across Europe." stated Daniel Richart, TERAKI’s CEO.

The presentations made by Daniel Richart and Geert-Jan van Nunen, TERAKI’s CCO, described how TERAKI is advancing autonomous mobility as an alternative to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues. “We believe autonomous mobility, combined with electric mobility services, are a green alternative to solve today’s transportation headaches and rising urbanization challenges. For example, our core technology enables new modes of micromobility, which has the potential to take vehicles out of the streets, avoid traffic congestions, and decrease pollution altogether.” explained van Nunen when referring to TERAKI’s autonomous delivery robots.

At the end of the session, the delegates had the opportunity to witness a real-time demonstration of the delivery robot and interact with it. Similarly, a data collection car equipped with cameras, radars, and lidars was displayed to further explain the details behind edge sensor processing and the autonomous driving platform developed by TERAKI.

Daniel Richart, TERAKI's CEO, during the visit of the Royal Technology Mission to TERAKI's offices in Berlin.

Geert-Jan van Nunen, TERAKI's CCO; His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf; and Mr. Per Thöresson, Ambassador of Sweden in Berlin, Germany.

TERAKI's data collection vehicle.


About the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences – IVA – is a non-profit organisation with the mission to promote engineering and economic sciences and development of industry for the benefit of society. IVA is made up of decision-makers and experts from business and industry, academia, and public administration. Within the Academy is the collective knowledge and experience of close to 1.300 Fellows divided up into 12 areas of expertise. There are also more than 200 companies represented within IVA’s Business Executives Council. His Majesty the King of Sweden is the patron of IVA.


TERAKI is a Berlin-based, AI-software company specializing in safer autonomous mobility at lower cost. Teraki’s software enables L2, L3, L4 vehicles to detect and classify objects more accurately in real-time. In a lightweight manner and at the edge, TERAKI software selects and processes large amounts of sensor data (video, radar, and lidar) 10x more efficiently and produce more reliable decisions for safer autonomous operations. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles such as cars, delivery robots, forklifts, trains and more. TERAKI holds partnerships with leading chipset suppliers such as Infineon, NXP, Synopsys and ARM. TERAKI’s technology will be used in first series production of cars starting 2024. The company currently employs 50 people, with offices in Berlin and Tokyo.

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