Warehouse Logistics

Semi-Autonomous Forklifts for intralogistics


Struggling with high labor costs and inefficient operations? Well, the time for affordable, smarter and precise logistical handling is now. From anywhere, at any time.

Here is a game-changing opportunity to uplift your forklift operations, foster a diverse workforce and improve safety and working conditions.

Turn your existing forklifts into tireless and reliable automated partners with our AI-powered upgrade kit.

  • Deploy autonomy affordably: add remote operations and autonomous piloting to your existing fleet.
  • Hours, not Months: don't wait for next-gen robots - deploy our upgrade kit today.
  • Reduce costs: gain operational efficiency and flexibility on your team's organisation.
  • Boost safety: minimize accidents and create a safer work environment for everyone.
  • 24/7  productivity: expand your operating hours and maximize productivity tirelessly in any condition.
  • Solve labor shortage & foster inclusivity: address the labor crunch while opening doors to logistic-handling jobs for everyone.
  • Upgrade, don't replace: new technology at a fraction of the price of a fully autonomous forklift.


Our SDKs can transform your operations, boosting productivity, minimising risk, and enabling a dynamic workflow informed by real-time data.

With TERAKI's easy-to-deploy kit upgrades you can turn your forklifts into a bunch of AI-powered teammates that:

  • Boost productivity, reduce hazards and remove physical risks
  • Enable seamless human-robot collaboration
  • Eliminate disruption and any other access limitations


Open the doors to the future of warehousing and go from semi to fully autonomous copiloting with solutions designed to be affordable and upgradeable.

It is time to maximize your ROI and transform your fleet, not your budget:

  • Industrial safety-certified upgradable solutions
  • Improve personnel and capacity planning with 1 operator per 5 vehicle
  • Remote video operations in real time with HD+ Quality video
  • Functional in extreme low temperatures and other severe conditions
  • Reduced labor and insurance related costs
  • Remains inclusive for disabled personnel

Transform your fleet

without breaking the bank
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