Industrial Drones

remote piloted Vehicles for all type of inspections

End the struggle

Sweating with slow, time consuming and inaccurate manual drone inspections? It's ok. We got you.

Fly past current battery limitations. From today, you can switch decisions autopilot on, make confident choices faster with real-time AI insights and never miss a critical detail again.

TERAKI's upgraded drones software enables precise inspections that you can trust. 

  • Inspect 10x Faster, Fly Further: Automate flight paths and gain clearer drone data whilst saving valuable time and resources.
  • Unlock Hidden Potential: Take smarter and faster decisions in real time with optimum data output and deeper insights.
  • Same Hardware, Simply Better: Supercharge your existing fleet with no costly hardware overhauls, just instant efficiency gains.
  • Focus on analysis: Beyond the flight, unearth monetizable data from farms, ancient ruins, mines, power plants, and beyond! 


Our SDKs efficiently enhance your existing drone sensors with unique edge-AI algorithms running in the drone itself rather than in the cloud. 

Smarter than autopilot, our AI analyses every drone movement, wind condition and obstacle, enabling fully autonomous inspections – from take-off to landing and everything in between. All of this without requiring any additional power.


TERAKI's infused by edge-AI pre processing technology squeeze the most out of existing sensors boosting flight times. 

If you are the type that needs some numbers here is the breakdown from our most current field tests:

  • Data reduction with 50% less bandwidth
  • 10x lower BOM RAM / CPU
  • Better Video outputs with 5x smaller files and 6.5x better memory usage
  • Enhanced SLAM with 100% tracking with just 3% data
  • 20x faster model training

Take your inspections to new heights

Fly longer, inspect more
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