The revolution of Radar Performance

T-RADAR SDK empowers you to see further, classify objects more accurately and make real-time decisions with confidence.

Transform your radar capabilities with intelligent object detection.

Leverage cutting-edge Machine Learning and seamlessly integrate with your existing radar pipeline unlocking a range of benefits:

  • See further and clearer: Achieve 20% better object classification at 40% more range, enabling superior long-distance detection.
  • Focus on what matters: Identify Regions of Interest (ROI) prioritising crucial areas and minimising false alarms by up to 25%.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Compress the signal by up to 85% maintaining accuracy, significantly reducing processing power requirements.
  • Unleash the power of Machine Learning: T-RADAR's ML-based peak detection delivers highly reliable data with 25% lower error rates compared to traditional methods.

Harness the power of ai

T-RADAR's AI-powered pre-processing delivers long-range accuracy and minimises false alarms, leading to more reliable and efficient operations for your autonomous vehicles, drones, and other radar-based applications. All of this resulting in:

  • Superior object detection accuracy and reduced false alarms.
  • Reduced processing power conserving valuable resources with minimal signal degradation.
  • Improved data transmission efficiency with smaller data packets.
  • Seamless integration working effortlessly within existing radar pipelines.

minimal signal degradation

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