See More, Process Less, React Faster

TERAKI empowers your LiDAR systems with Machine Learning enabling superior object detection, faster processing and real-time performance for a wide range of applications.

LiDAR data can be overwhelming as large, complex 3D point clouds require significant processing power and bandwidth, hindering real-time applications and resource efficiency.

Unlike traditional solutions, T-LiDAR focuses on LiDAR data improvement from the start. Improve data quality with AI, T-LIDAR minimise the data footprint from the beginning, and lower processing demands throughout the pipeline:

  • Enhanced object detection and segmentation: Distinguish objects with greater accuracy for safer and more reliable operations.
  • Dramatic data reduction: Significantly reduce the size of 3D point clouds while preserving crucial information, minimising processing needs and bandwidth requirements.
  • Lower processing power requirements: Optimise data processing for smoother operation on resource-constrained platforms.
  • Real-time performance: Enable faster decision-making with minimal latency.

Powering the future of LiDAR Applications

T-Lidar SDK goes beyond simply improving LiDAR data. It unlocks its full potential, enabling safer, more reliable autonomous operations across a wide range of industries. Go beyond current industrial automation and help us propel the development of next-generation intelligent systems in diverse areas:

  • Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Robots to enhance vehicle safety with superior object detection and real-time processing.
  • Inspection with industrial drones to gather detailed data and make informed decisions in real-time, even in bandwidth-limited environments.
  • Semi-Autonomous Forklifts (SAFs) to improve warehouse efficiency and safety working conditions with exceptional object recognition and navigation capabilities.


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