Safest and Greenest Advanced Driver-Assistance

Driving Innovation

Unlock superior performance by optimizing sensor data (radar, LiDAR, camera) on-device and transform this data into a high-quality, low-latency, and highly compressed stream for more efficient applications.

Our SDKs uncover the hidden potential of your existing ADAS sensors and outsmart your existing safety systems beyond what standard sensing solutions can achieve.

  • Smarter, safer drives: Real-time sensor intelligence processing for higher-quality detection, at unparalleled reaction times.
  • Effortless autonomy: Navigate traffic jams and highways with confidence, and just focus on the journey.
  • Green mile ahead: Streamline processing and communication efficiency to reduce car emissions, driving sustainability into every ride.


Our Edge AI / ML software turn your car's perception sensors into a powerful AI unit, making every decision faster, smoother, and safer.

We are not just catching up we're setting the standard. TERAKI counts with over 15 years of experience in the autonomous automotive sector.

  • Invest in a solution that grows with you: Teraki is constantly evolving and perfecting its algorithms, ensuring your vehicles stay ahead of the curve.
  • Lead the autonomous revolution: Accelerate the future of mobility with a partner that stands for a safer, greener future in mobility.
  • Upgrade your existing software: and realize its full potential
  • Boost future car performance: with native integration with most SoC/IP vendors  

Boost future car performance

Optimising sensor data
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