RELIABLE Last-Mile Unmanned Delivery Robots

Ditch Delivery Stress

Forget last-mile mayhem and make your deliveries the best that they can be, arriving safely when promised, every time.

TERAKI's  AI- powered robots navigate city streets like champs, freeing your team to focus on what they do best. With flexible software stack we enable optimized remote operations up to fully autonomous delivery capabilities to delivery robots.

Stress-free deliveries guaranteed!

  • Reduced Operational Risks: Eliminate the risks associated with traditional delivery methods, such as bicycle or scooter accidents.
  • Extended Delivery Rotations: Robots can operate for longer durations, expanding your delivery window.
  • Cost Optimization: Improving your bottom line, optimizing routes and slashing transportation expenses.
  • Upgradable Software: Anticipate future advancements and be ready to evolve at pace.


Whether you're a delivery platform, a 5-star restaurant, fast-food  provider, a corner store or a supermarket giant, we can manage everything for you.

With tailored solutions for autonomous delivery, we empower businesses like yours to deploy a reliable AI-powered workforce, equipping your robots with our software brains, making them part of your delivery crew and just as capable of handle any route, day or night, in any weather conditions.


Because we're more than just a technology provider; we're your partner in building a more reliable delivery future with:

  • Autonomous driving L4+ Stack: enabling robots to navigate complex environments safely and efficiently.
  • Low latency, high-quality video: clear and reliable visual connection with your robots for enhanced safety and control.
  • High safety standards: prioritize safety for pedestrians and other road users, exceeding industry standards.
  • Fun and intelligent solutions: let robots represent your brand leaving a positive impression wherever they go.
  • Embraced sustainability: help reduce your environmental impact with our autonomous delivery robots as they contribute to a cleaner air and greener future

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