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TERAKI announces partnership with Foodora to deploy autonomous delivery robots in the streets of Stockholm

BERLIN, March 10, 2022 - The food delivery market is experiencing significant growth and the call for convenient, energy-efficient delivery alternatives is increasing along with it. Foodora understands this reality and is partnering with Berlin-based company TERAKI to bring food deliveries to Stockholm’s sidewalks through an autonomous delivery robot in the upcoming months.

Reliable autonomous driving robots for cities. The partnership seeks to materialize truly autonomous robotic deliveries in Stockholm’s public spaces. For that purpose, TERAKI brings more than six years of experience developing automotive-grade software for autonomous driving with leading automotive brands. That know-how is now bundled to safely operate autonomous delivery robots in the city of Stockholm.

“As we navigate “the age of deliver,” our mission is to provide autonomous delivery robots that are green and reliable for city operations. Our tech stack for autonomous driving in cities has been proven and implemented with top automotive companies and passed rigid safety tests. Now, we’re using that same technology to autonomously operate delivery robots. Our robots ensure fast, emission-free, last-mile deliveries that increase customer satisfaction and will help Foodora prepare for the future.” – stated Daniel Richart, TERAKI’s CEO.

The key behind this technology is artificial intelligence (AI)-based, real-time processing of sensor signals. This allows the robot to perceive its environment with human-like precision through a set of cameras and lidar. The information gathered through the sensors continuously improves machine learning (ML) models that instruct the robot under different scenarios: i.e., “teaching” it how to navigate sidewalks, recognize traffic lights and intersections, avoid pedestrians, cyclists, and more.

Last-mile delivery innovation. With the rise of on-demand deliveries, Foodora expects to complete 2 million deliveries by the end of this year. Thus, the company is preparing to add delivery robots as a complement to their more than 3,500 delivery employees. The benefits of delivery robots as an addition to other delivery methods include reduced waiting times, lower emissions, and a greater number of completed deliveries.

Once the required approval for autonomous operation is obtained from the authorities, expected in some months from now, the robot will roam the sidewalks of Stockholm by itself. The robot can carry up to 10kg in its insulated compartment and drive for more than 8 hours on a single charge, delivering tasty food to hungry customers across the city.

Daniel Richart, TERAKI’s CEO and Hans Skruvfors, Foodora’s CEO.

Daniel Richart, TERAKI’s CEO and Hans Skruvfors, Foodora’s CEO.

Doora, the autonomous delivery robot powered by TERAKI.

Doora, the autonomous delivery robot powered by TERAKI.

About Teraki

Teraki is a Berlin-based company focused on delivering safer vehicle autonomy at lower costs. In a lightweight manner and on the edge, Teraki smartly and 10x more efficiently selects and processes in real-time the relevant information from large amounts of sensor data, leading to 20% safer and more robust autonomous applications. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles, trains, and delivery robots. The company currently has 50+ employees, with offices in Berlin and Tokyo.

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