The gateway to Intelligent Decision-Making

Traditional sensor fusion solutions often struggle with limitations like high processing power requirements, leading to bulky and expensive hardware.

This restricts scalability and real-world applications as existing solutions might be specific to certain hardware, forcing costly upgrades if your infrastructure doesn't match.

Our sensor fusion SDK allows real-time performance on resource-constrained platforms translating into lower processing demands and allowing you to operate on smaller, more efficient hardware.  

T-Fusion breaks existing processing barriers  

T-Fusion offers unparalleled flexibility and integration capabilities facilitating effective critical decision-making.

  • Multi-sensor Data Fusion: combining data from cameras, LiDAR and radar (including legacy models) to create a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment.
  • AI-powered Object Detection and Segmentation: using Machine Learning to extract crucial information from the fused data for superior object recognition and classification.
  • Flexible Software Architecture: allowing integration at the zone controller level or into central processing units for greater adaptability to various system configurations.
  • Agnostic Radar Integration: working seamlessly with various sensor configurations and existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

A New Standard in Sensor Fusion

T-Fusion helps you achieve real-time sensor fusion on resource-constraint platforms guiding the path towards a new era of possibilities in your applications.

Real-time Performance

  • See Accurately: 20% more object detection and classification, providing a clearer picture for improved decision-making.
  • Transmit Data Efficiently: 2x to 4x lower data transmission for seamless operation in bandwidth-limited scenarios.
  • Do More with Less Power: 2x lower power consumption with less than 100W for L4 planning.

do more with less!

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