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Range extension

Range extension

The driving range of cars can be significantly increased by AI-models that make better use of engine information and route. Combining real-time, high resolution engine data and external data enables new AI-models to increase engine efficiency for electric and hybrid cars. Teraki enables the low-latency processing of the high frequency sensor streams and makes for higher accuracy of these models – making them more reliable and thereby increasing the energy savings percentages.

The AI-model by Teraki provide optimal blending between battery and fuel; provide eco-friendly ACC and routes in real-time.

These models are driven by the car’s high frequency sensor signals and are coupled with historic data, real time traffic and weather. The outcome enhances the fuel and CO2 savings and provide a longer reach with the available energy.

The test results show that a total of 18 - 25% energy consumption (with the corresponding CO2 emission) improvements can be achieved. This energy improvement result in average saving of $2,125 per year per car.

How to Implement with Teraki:

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