Localization is the self-perception of position and orientation in an unknown space. Localization and mapping are key to many of today’s new, autonomous products as (semi) self-driving / flying vehicles need to localize themselves in real-time. “SLAM” is the underpinning technology how localization is done. SLAM is e.g. also used to run AR applications on smartphones.

The calculations required for SLAM are however very compute intensive and - hence - consume a lot of power and accordingly produce heat.

To make automation reliable in cars, drones, robots or smartphones, SLAM algorithms need to become more power efficient without a loss in accuracy or latency (speed).

Teraki’s AI powered pre-processing provides 100% tracking success rate with up to 97% reduced data making it accurate and efficient in the embedded processing capacities.

With this, the Teraki product enables 10x - 20x faster mapping which is essential for real-time localization while reducing the latency of operation by 5x.

In short, Teraki enables to run fast SLAM algorithm in low powered hardware (and provide longer battery duration) without degrading accuracy for localization.

How to Implement with Teraki:

SLAM SDK upcoming on Platform.