April 8, 2024

Teraki selected by the EIC Scaling Club network as one of Europe’s highest potential deep tech scale-ups

8 April 2024 - 9 AM CET – Berlin, Germany – TERAKI today announced that it has been selected by the EIC Scaling Club as one of the highest-potential European deep tech scale-ups poised to make a positive, global impact.

The EIC Scaling Club today unveiled the selection of the first 48 European deep tech scale-ups to join its curated community of standout companies, investors, corporate innovators, mentors, media firms and other industry stakeholders. TERAKI will join the international high-level network effective immediately.

Ahead of the ‘Ignition Forum’ event held on 9-10 April in Brussels and Leuven, Belgium, the EIC Scaling Club shared the 48 names of the initial cohort of deep tech scale-ups that stand to benefit from its wide range of services. 

TERAKI was carefully selected based on a number of factors and falls one within four predefined market sector opportunities, namely Smart Mobility.

In total, ten market sector opportunities have been identified as crucial for positive impact; others include Next-Gen Computing,Digital Security & Trust, Renewable Energies, Clean Fuels & Hydrogen,New Space Tech and New Biotech Platforms.

Backed by the European Innovation Council, the flagship programme of the European Commission with a budget north of €10 billion, the EIC Scaling Club’s mission is to significantly grow the value of the selected world-class businesses and help maximise their positive impact on a global level.

The EIC Scaling Club will assist TERAKI and the other hand-picked deep tech scale-ups with fundraising support, leadership mentoring and coaching, corporate partnership identification and matchmaking, media visibility, recruitment, and much more.

TERAKI will be part of an esteemed community that will grow to 120+ deep tech champions in the near future, which the EIC Scaling Club will surround with hundreds of the world’s leading investment firms, corporations, media representatives, vetted business mentors and other industry stakeholders.


"On behalf of all the partners working together to turn the EIC Scaling Club into a 'catalyst for scale', we welcome the first 48companies into the fold and are delighted that TERAKI is part of the mix. In unison with our investor, corporate, mentor and media stakeholder members, we will ensure that the selected deep tech companies derive as much value for their businesses as possible, as fast as possible,” said William Stevens, co-founder and group managing director of Tech Tour, coordinator of the EIC Scaling Club.


“Time is of the essence when building category leaders in the deep tech sector, and our goal is to accelerate our company members on their scale-up journey," added Stevens.


About Teraki AI

TERAKI is a pioneering force in AI-powered autonomous mobility solutions. Our mission is to accelerate the global adoption of next-generation autonomous systems that prioritise safety, efficiency and sustainability.

We achieve this through our cutting-edge, quantum-inspired AI algorithms, which empower autonomous systems to operate with industry-leading efficiency. TERAKI's software solutions dramatically reduce data processing requirements (by up to90%) while enhancing sensor performance for real-time object detection and classification. This translates to safer, more cost-effective autonomous operations across diverse applications, including self-driving cars, delivery robots, forklifts, and trains.

TERAKI partners with leading chipset suppliers like Infineon, NXP, TI and IP vendors like ARM and Synopsis to bring our innovative solutions to market.

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About the EIC Scaling Club

The EIC Scaling Club is a curated community where 120+European deep tech scale-ups with the potential to build world-class businesses and solve major global challenges come together with investors, corporate innovators and other industry stakeholders to spur growth. The top 120+ European deep tech companies will be carefully selected from a pool of high-growth scale-ups that have benefitted from EIC financial schemes, other European and national innovation programmes, and beyond. The EIC Scaling Club is an EIC-funded initiative run in partnership with Tech Tour, Bpifrance (EuroQuity), Hello Tomorrow,, EurA and IESE Business School.


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