September 26, 2022

€2.7M Contract Granted to TERAKI to Accelerate “ADAS for Trains”

BERLIN, September 26, 2022. TERAKI, a specialist in embedded AI sensor processing, has been granted an additional €2.7 million contract for "BerDiBa" a consortium collaboration between Berlin-based research institutions and companies. The collaboration will advance autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for trains in the state of Berlin through cutting-edge technologies, augmenting the operational capacity of trains and therefore reducing delays and waiting times.

TERAKI's goal is to improve the algorithms of the sensor box delivered in the first phase of the project. Previously, TERAKI presented a highly innovative and performant sensor box with data from event cameras, lidar, and RGB cameras. With this, TERAKI's set-up is able to detect obstacles at high speed and at large distances by applying its "Region of Interest" (RoI) and "Times of Interest" (ToI)-based software.

Now, €2.7 million additional funds have been granted to TERAKI. The objectives for this phase, which runs until 2024, are to further improve the sensor suite for multi-modal recordings, optimize the information and detections through sensor fusion; and deliver a refined algorithm that improves reliability and reduces detection errors.

The above ADAS functionalities will enable a more intelligent operating system that minimizes interruption and increases the overall safety of trains. This means that more trains can run given the same time (i.e., a higher rail transportation capacity) and the reliability of rail operations will increase.



TERAKI is a Berlin-based, AI-software company specializing in safer autonomous mobility at lower cost. TERAKI software enables L2, L3, L4 vehicles to detect and classify objects more accurately in real-time. In a lightweight manner and at the edge, TERAKI software selects and processes large amounts of sensor data (video, radar, and lidar) 10x more efficiently and produces more reliable decisions for safer autonomous operations. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles such as cars, delivery robots, forklifts, trains, and more. TERAKI holds partnerships with leading chipset suppliers such as Infineon, NXP, Synopsys and ARM. TERAKI technology will be used in the first series production of cars starting in 2024.

About BerDiBa

The BerDiBa Consortium is integrated by 7 industry partners led by Siemens Mobility and 4 science and research partners. Industry partners include ACS Plus, AAI GmbH, GSP GmbH, ITQ GmbH and Neurocat GmbH. Science and research partners are DFKI, Fraunhofer FOKUS and HHI, TU Berlin und DCAITI and Zuse-Institut Berlin.

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