November 3, 2023

AI-Video Processing: A Game Changer for Safety and Efficiency

TERAKI's AI-Video Pre-Processing accelerates Automotive Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability.

Remember that near-miss on the highway? The adrenaline rush, the screeching tires – it's a scenario no driver wants to relive. But what if your car could anticipate such dangers, navigate through traffic jams with ease, and even contribute to a cleaner planet?

TERAKI's groundbreaking AI-Video Pre-Processing technology is making this a reality, transforming how we perceive and process video data in modern cars. No longer overwhelmed by mountains of data, your car can now focus on what truly matters, paving the way for a safer, smarter, and greener future of driving.

Understanding the Video Revolution

Modern cars are packed with cameras, each capturing real-time data that feeds advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. But this data deluge can overwhelm processors, leading to sluggish performance and even safety concerns. This is where TERAKI's game-changing technology steps in.

AI-Video Processing Driving the Future

TERAKI's intelligent software uses AI to decode video context, identifying crucial Regions of Interest (ROI)like pedestrians and traffic signs, while discarding irrelevant Regions of No Interest (RONI) like distant scenery. This smart filtering results in a staggering 76% data savings, meaning faster processing, lower costs, and significantly improved performance.


  • Instantaneous reactions: Your car can identify and avoid hazards in real-time, thanks to faster data processing.
  • Enhanced accuracy: ADAS and AD features become more precise, leading to safer drives for everyone.
  • Reduced fatigue: Less data processing means less strain on your car's systems, freeing up resources for other crucial tasks.

But TERAKI's impact goes beyond just numbers.

Maximum Safety Through Better Detection and Classification

The ROI/RONI model directly impacts safety by improving AI performance, boosting F1 scores by 20%-30%. This translates to sharper object detection and more reliable ADAS performance, making real-world applications like lane departure, pedestrian detection, and traffic sign recognition significantly more accurate and reliable.

TERAKI's mission extends beyond technology; it's about enabling safe, cost-effective autonomous driving through cutting-edge software. This pre-processing technology lies at the core of advancements in ADAS and AD applications, shaping the future of automotive technology.

Driving Sustainability Through Autonomous Mobility

TERAKI's technology isn't just about making cars smarter and safer; it's about contributing to a greener future.

Optimized data transmission minimizes energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, intelligent route planning helps cars navigate efficiently, minimising congestion and reducing emissions.

You too can contribute to a safer, smarter, and greener future with TERAKI's AI-Video Processing technology.

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