Delivery robot 'DiscoPeter' brings your favourite burger to your doorstep!

BERLIN, June 27, 2021 - Pioneers Peter Pane, DiscoEat and Teraki are the very first to rely on autonomous driving. The popular burger grill chain and the two Berlin start-ups launched a remote-controlled robot that brings your favourite burger to your front door. Future-oriented technology meets tasty food!

At the beginning of the Corona crisis Peter Pane already launched its own delivery service “Peter brings it”. Now the successful Lübeck burger chain is cooperating with restaurant platform DiscoEat and the Autonomy company Teraki. Started three years ago in Berlin as a pure restaurant reservation platform, the DiscoEat founders Moritz Heininger and Nicolo Luti have also used the past extremely challenging months to develop new innovations: Since the end of 2020, the founders are offering a very practical pick-up and delivery app for in Berlin and in Cologne. Now the entrepreneurs have teamed up with Patrick Junge, Managing Director of Paniceus Gastro Systemzentrale GmbH, to offer burger fans something very special: If you order via DiscoEat from Peter Pane’s restaurant on Europaplatz, you may get it brought to your home by an automatic delivery robot!

The futuristic robot will get its delicious cargo in the Peter Pane restaurant near the main train station and then bring it to customers in a special warming box. “For the time being, this will take place within a radius of around two kilometres with three deliveries per hour,” says Moritz Heininger. “We are the very first to try this trend-setting service,” adds Peter Pane boss Patrick Junge, who is known for trying out new things.

This project is made possible by the cooperation with the innovative Berlin autonomy company Teraki. The Berlin AI scale-up is well-known for making vehicles autonomous in a safe way. The company’s intelligent and efficient software was developed in cars and now also used to operate automated robots. “The eco-friendly robots will provide new jobs for remote control operators, reduce traffic in cities and help overcome labour shortages. In addition, it is a pandemic-proof solution, ”, says Daniel Richart CEO from Teraki. Safety is our top priority, which is why the delivery robot is controlled remotely at the beginning. At the end of the year this will be done completely autonomously.

The automatic delivery robot “DiscoPeter” brings your favourite burger! Anyone who gets their favourite food from the delivery service of the future can meet them at their own front door.

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