CB Insights lists Teraki as one of the world's 70 AI companies revolutionizing Automotive

#### Teraki was identified as one of the key players in the Automotive AI stack and "Edge Processing" recognised as an important, separate category. **BERLIN, May 06, 2019 US-based, leading research company CB Insights, published an industry overview of AI start-ups that matter in Automotive industry. The overview has identified 70 start- and scale-ups worldwide that are set to be catalyst of technical change in the car producing industry. Foremost enabling autonomous driving in some shape or form.**
In that sense CB Insights presented these innovators in categories representing the main elements required in Automotive Tech. Examples of these main categories are: Perception, Self-driving software, HD mapping, Fully Autonomous Cars and Edge Processing. The research recognised "Edge Processing" as a separate, key category in the Automotive AI stack. Teraki is listed as one of the leaders and shapers of the "Edge Processing" category. Amongst a global set of companies, CB Insights identified Teraki as one of the innovative and leading tech companies in this category worldwide.
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