Terakiā€˜s DevCenter is the visual interface to the Platform services

Visualization of Teraki services is done in DevCenter. DevCenter is structured for intuitive algorithm training and development; and is a place to test and configure for accuracy, reduction or latency of smart data pre-processing.

DevCenter helps to model and improve data collection campaigns for intelligent processing of data at the embedded level for time series, video and 3D point cloud data (added soon).

DevCenter’s visual interface assists in finding the optimal balance between data reduction and desired accuracy (maximum deviation) that best fit any specific time series use case.

Read our blog on Platform visualization.

For camera-data, DevCenter is the place to train ROI and TOI for quicker and better training of AI-models.

Users can train or select a detector (e.g. sky, cars, people, face) and process their videos using Region of Interest (RoI) based encoding technology. The user can configure the quality level for encoding all the detected regions.

Soon detectors for Time of Interest (TOI) will be available as well. Here the detectors focus not on objects but on events. E.g. lane change detection.

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