Usage based insurance

Better data leads to higher margins.

Precise, insightful and quick crash detection improves these four main KPIs:

1) Reduce the overall claim damage.
2) Greater and earlier insight of repair costs.
3) Increase process efficiencies of claims.
4) Shorten time for ambulance to arrive at the accident.

Via data transmitted from the car, algorithms can determine if there has been a crash. If these algorithms can work with higher signal frequencies and/or more sensor signals, crash detection will become more reliable (e.g. less ‘false positives’). Secondly with more data, the reconstruction of crashes becomes better what leads to reducing claim volume and increasing efficiencies in processing claims.
Finally, if data is transmitted quicker the time for an ambulance to arrive is reduced, potentially reducing medical care and costs. Or even save lives. For the fleet manager these costs become crucial in order to maintain the lowest cost-efficiencies for his fleet.

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