Teraki embedded device SDKs cover a wide range of sensor data: time series, video and 3D data. The SDKs are the building blocks to develop embedded applications on various types of low-powered, edge hardware.

   Time Series SDK

Supports encoding in a lossy or lossless manner to enhance the accuracy rates beyond those observed on raw data.

Average SDK-size is less than 10kB and increases CPU-efficiency with factor 10x and more.

   Video SDK

With Teraki’s codec and ROI-detection, customers can classify objects as sky, cars, person and faces.

With TOI-detection, events (e.g. Lane Change) can be identified and the acquisition rate of videos can be dynamically adapted.

Using ROI and TOI customers’ AI-models will deliver a 10 - 30% improved object detection and classification rate per frame.

High performance at a low processing power (typically embedded ASIL CPU).

   3D Point Cloud SDK

Reduction of 3D point cloud data in combination with lightweight segmentation.

Comparing with state-of-the-art products, this provides 10x to 150x better inference speeds and a 10 minute instead of a 3 days training.

The 3D point cloud SDK supports sensor fusion and SLAM.

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