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TERAKI becomes a Synopsys Partner for the ARC Access Program

BERLIN, March 15, 2022 - TERAKI joined Synopsys ARC® Access Partner Program under the “Automotive” and “Machine Learning” categories, putting forward leading-edge sensor processing SDK’s proven to work on ARC processor-based systems, already present in millions of chip architectures around the world.

Modern chips perform thousands of operations to enable key functionalities in self-driving cars, cellular networks, artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and more. This would not be possible without companies like Synopsys, whose chip intellectual property cores (IP) enable robust chip architectures for embedded applications.

Through its ARC Access Program, Synopsys enables customers to develop ARC-based embedded applications utilizing pre-ported and tested solutions from trusted partners. The ARC Partner Page compiles embedded software solutions providers, like TERAKI, whose portfolio has been verified to work on Synopsys DesignWare ARC architecture.

As a partner of the Synopsys ARC Access Program, TERAKI offers leading software for AI-based sensor data pre-processing under the categories “Automotive” and “Machine Learning.” By working on Synopsys ARC EV and ARC VPX DSP processors, TERAKI improves the quality of sensor data ingested into subsequent Machine Learning (ML) accelerators.

This partnership brings extensive benefits for automotive OEMs and Tier2’s, particularly when looking at autonomous driving applications. As cars keep improving their tech stack, more and more functionalities are integrated into the “computers on wheels” to enable advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) L3 to L4 capabilities.

The quality of the data coming from multiple sensors is key to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of ADAS and AD features enabled by ML models. Through TERAKI’s partner page, vendors and OEMs can access TERAKI’s top-notch SDKs specifically designed for automotive embedded applications. Ultimately, TERAKI’s software running on Synopsys processors leads to lower chipset costs for L3+ applications that meet ASIL B and ASIL D safety requirements.

Access TERAKI’s partner page to learn more:

About Teraki

TERAKI is a Berlin-based, AI-software company specializing in autonomous mobility. In a lightweight manner and at the edge, TERAKI selects and processes the relevant information of large amounts of sensor data (video, radar, and lidar) 10x more efficiently and turns these into more reliable decisions that deliver safer autonomous operations. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles such as cars, delivery robots, forklifts, trains, and more. The company currently employs 50 people, with offices in Berlin and Tokyo.

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