Teraki Enables Autonomous Delivery Pilot in Berlin for Norwegian Postal Service

BERLIN, November 25, 2021 - In an international project, the Norwegian postal service Posten Norge and its marketplace subsidiary AMOI deployed one of Teraki’s delivery robots in the streets of Berlin. The robot, named “Terry,” represents a groundbreaking international pilot between Posten’s Innovation Hub and Teraki, aimed to uncover the possibilities offered by autonomous robots for food and parcel delivery.

Posten Norge began testing Teraki’s delivery robots in Berlin during the first weeks of October as part of their vision to deploy more innovative and green services. “Terry” is a medium-sized four-wheeled robot with a 15kg+ loading capacity, ideal for parcels, meals, or other delivery needs. The robot is equipped with various cameras and other sensors such as radar or lidar. Sensors work like Terry’s eyes and ears, allowing the robot to be remotely controlled and eventually drive autonomously. Teraki’s technology makes autonomous operations possible thanks to the continuous processing of sensor data at the edge, powered by artificial intelligence. From the customer-facing side, Terry can go all the way to any doorstep and unlock its compartment through a mobile app.

During the first days, Terry was tele-operated from Posten offices in Oslo to serve customers in Berlin. While traveling through the streets of the German capital, Terry intelligently captured and processed sensor data to map the environment and improved its algorithms, that will allow autonomous operation after some time. Teraki’s intelligent sensor pre-processing capabilities ensure the lowest latencies for remote operations, minimizing operational risks and ensuring accuracy. At Teraki, the deployment of robotic deliveries is accompanied by the supervision of a remote operator during the first month. Eventually, one operator could oversee many autonomous driving robots, significantly reducing the delivery costs for any company.

The project allowed Posten Norge to explore the opportunities for autonomous delivery, the technology that makes it possible, and what their next steps could look like. Thus, this kind of international pilot gives companies a glimpse into the future of delivery. Solutions like Terry are becoming more frequent across Europe, representing a green, reliable alternative to the growing delivery demands from customers.

Find out more in the video: https://lnkd.in/evac_HVZ

About Posten Norge and AMOI

Posten Norge AS is a Nordic postal and logistics group that develops and delivers integrated solutions in postal services, communications, and logistics, with the Nordic region as its home market. In 2020, the company recorded over 77.8 million parcels and employs over 13,000 workers in 13 countries. AMOI is a marketplace platform where manufacturers, shops and small business owners can trade their products locally in a sustainable manner.

About Teraki

Teraki is a Berlin-based company focused on delivering safer vehicle autonomy at lower costs. In a lightweight manner and on the edge, Teraki smartly and 10x more efficiently selects and processes in real-time the relevant information from large amounts of sensor data, leading to 20% safer and more robust autonomous applications. Use cases include autonomous driving vehicles and delivery robots. The company currently has 50+ employees, with offices in Berlin and Tokyo.

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