About Teraki

Teraki's mission is to enable personalized and accurate machine learning based applications without a compromise towards 100% safety. It's AI-powered software product operates at the embedded level. Teraki delivers these benefits for automotive and IoT applications (such as drones, robots, smartphones) for which we lower latencies, reduce costs and enhance machine learning accuracy with 10%-30% vs. state-of-the art.

Teraki technically and economically enables use cases for Connected Cars such as Predictive Maintenance, Event Detection, Driver Scoring, In-cabin Detections, Data Campaigns and for Autonomous Vehicles/Robots related use cases such as Object Detection, Sensor Fusion and SLAM. Teraki’s efficient and accurate edge pre-processing and pre-labeling technology is deterministic and therefore certifiable for automotive safety standards. Our product enables to efficiently extract higher quality of sensor data which leads to higher accuracy rates of our customers' AI-models. We help customers doing this in real-time and on constrained, low powered hardware (CPU and RAM).

In doing so, Teraki technology helps customers to overcome the challenges of the exploding amounts of sensor data generated by cars from telematic, video and 3D point cloud sensors. Moreover, our DevCenter product has fully automatized the process of collecting edge information so our customers can continuously train and update their own AI-models to achieve higher accuracies and recurrently upgrade sensing technologies with the ultimate goal of reaching 100% safety.


We are a team of experienced researchers with a broad expertise in transferring disruptive innovations into the market.

Management Team


Markus Kopf


Geert-Jan Van Nunen


Daniel Richart