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Internet of Thing Global Partner to collect only relevant Data from any source type. Reduce your Data to perform your actions faster!

What we do?
Teraki is a global Company offering software Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor-data reduction. Based on our core technology and other techniques, Teraki is offering a unique way to just send only relevant information from any sensor source and able to reproduce the original dataset at destination. At Teraki, we make Big Data Small.

How does it work?

The data reduction is achieved by pure software. At the sensor side, an agent is deployed and decides intelligently how to collect the data. Only a fraction of the data is acquired and transmitted. Up to 95% of Data reduction can be achieved. On the platform side, the full original data is re-build for visualization and data analytics. No relevant information is lost.

Key points

Pure Software technology
Flexible architecture compatible with any private or public cloud
No additional Hardware required.
Can operate in real time or on historical Data
Significant Data reduction achieved with  all type of sensor data
Compatible with all communications protocols and Networks.

Use Cases

Usage Based Insurance

Smartphone Telematics

Telematics Units

Connected Cars

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Teraki enhances the security treshholds of encryption protocols, since the encoded data may only be decoded by the customer.


Teraki helps to reduce the storage requirements for sensor data by an average of 90% and up to 99%. The reduced storage capacity requirements directly allow to increase the storage time in end devices and reduce loss of data due to communication bottlenecks. Within 2017, image, video as well as 3D data will be supported.


Teraki reduces the encoding/decoding latency introduced with respect to other compression solutions by up to a factor 30. Teraki helps at improving the processing latency of data. This is crucial especially in connected car applications where often immediate actions need to be derived from the data.


Teraki allows you to significantly reduce the traffic generated by sensor networks and consequently to reduce your 3G/4G or satellite communication costs.

CPU Footprint

Teraki reduces the CPU footprint of connected devices, thus also reduce the energy consumption and processing latency. This is particularly relevant for connected car applications with restricted hardware resources and for which a potential upgrade is only expected within next car series.
Teraki plays a key role in lowering the CPU requirements for edge analytics applications, key for example for autonomous car applications.


We are a team of experienced researchers and with a broad expertise in transferring disruptive innovations into the market.
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and CTO
Geert-Jan van Nunen
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